I took some time off from blogging to refocus and answer for myself the questions of why I blog and if I wanted to continue blogging. I have now made the decision that I will continue blogging, but I am moving from WordPress to Blogger. I hope to hear from all my friends and make some more at my new blog

I will leave you with one last smiley picture to remember 2catsandahusband.


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Stopping In To Say Hi : )

Hi there — have you missed me? My life has been somewhat unsettled for awhile so I haven’t been blogging much. Among other things I have been busy making Stuffy Friends, getting ready for a Mom 2 Mom sale on Saturday. I am hoping that after the sale I will have more time to blog — but, then I am also re-thinking the whole blog idea. I am trying to decide why it is that I blog and is it something that I want to be putting my time into. I do like the feeling of having friends in blogland, the sharing that happens and I like the challenge of expressing myself in writing — so why does it sometimes  feel like it is just another chore on my To-Do list?

I don’t think that I will totally disappear, but I am considering my options. I may just need to re-focus and decide what it is I really want to blog about. When I read other’s blogs I am  inspired by their creativity, I love the beautiful pictures they post and I enjoy the many interesting stories of their lives. I feel like I am not alone — there are others out there who like the  same things I do or go through the same struggles that I do. Maybe I should be just a blog reader and not be a blog writer.

It is very late and I must go to bed, but I want to leave you with a question —  What about you –why do you blog?


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Sweater Kitties

Sharing pictures of some more of my Stuffy Friends.


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Some more evidence that my hubby loves me : )


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2 Happy Frogs

This is the result of my daughter and I playing with paper when she was home for her Spring break. It was good to have some time together. Her being home was one of the reasons for my lack of posts in March — there never seems to be enough time to do all the things I want to do. Could it be that I just want to do too many things? Nah . . . there must be a different reason : )

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Smiles For Easter

Have a great day doing whatever you do for Easter. I get to see my grandson this afternoon  so I will be happy.


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Good Friday Stroll

Here in Canada,  Good Friday is a holiday so hubby and I got to spend some extra time together. First we checked out 2 craft sales and then we took a stroll by the Hamilton waterfront. It was a very warm day and there were lots of people enjoying their day off by the water. Hubby even flew his little kite that he keeps in the car for just such occasions. So here are a few pictures to document our stroll.

This cool looking beaver was in the entrance way of  the Parks Canada Discovery Centre. It looks like an interesting place to visit sometime.

Any ideas of what this is?

Does this help?

Here is the whole picture.

The sun was sparkling on the water.

The swans were enjoying the afternoon as well.

Happy Easter : )


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