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Mailbox Monday

When you drive down a country road do you notice the mailboxes?

I have seen some that are held together with duct tape, some very rusty ones and some leaning at unusual angles with the doors hanging on for dear life. Mailboxes have a rough life being out in every kind of weather and in the northern areas of the world they must fight for survival against those big, mean snowplows. I think that someone could have a profitable business selling rural mailboxes door to door — especially if they included installation. Most people probably think that as long as it still holds the mail — who cares what it looks like? But, if someone was on their doorstep with a nice new one and would do all the work they might be convinced to replace the old rickety one — maybe : )

But, not all mailboxes are old and rickety. There are some nice sturdy mailboxes as well as some painted with pretty pictures or designed in some unique shape.

I notice the mailboxes as I drive along and being the amateur photographer that I am I like to stop and take pictures of the ones that catch my eye. So, I plan to post a picture of a mailbox each Monday for a while just for the fun of it. Who knows maybe you will start to notice mailboxes too.

This first one was seen in Illinois on our way home from taking our daughter to grad school. It is one of the really unique ones.



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Some More Sunday Smiles



I took this picture of wrapped bales of hay a few years ago in Vermont. I love how someone painted the smiley faces on them. It made me smile as we drove by — so of course we had to stop so I could take a picture.


These are some friendly greeters in the foyer of our church. They share their smiles with everyone who comes in.

Happy Sunday — hope you have some smiles today.

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Chairs On The Beach


When I started this Blog I challenged myself to be random — not always organized and in perfect order, because life is not often nicely oganized and in perfect order, although I do try my best to make it that way : ) So, in wanting to do a post today I went back to my vacation pictures and decided to write about chairs. While at the beach each year one of our favorite things to do is to walk along and take pictures of the different things that we see. I am always fascinated by the chairs — almost every cottage has some chairs down by the beach. These chairs come in all sorts of colors, sizes and shapes. Some are made of wood, others are plastic or made with fabric and some are even just tree stumps. There can be just one chair or a whole bunch of chairs — sometimes placed neatly in a row and sometimes all mixed up. We even recognize some of the same chairs from one year to the next. Often we find them all folded and stacked in a pile so they don’t blow away while their owners are up in the cottage for the night. Here are a few of the pictures of chairs taken while at Wymbolwood Beach this summer.
















I hope that you enjoyed seeing my ‘chairs on the beach’. I want you to know that it’s o.k. to take a minute or two or more — and imagine yourself sitting in one of these chairs looking out at the bay on a warm summer day with a good book,  some colorful crochet or whatever it is that makes you happy. Go ahead — pick your favorite chair and relax for a bit : )


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Childs Guest Room/Sewing Room



When we moved into this house 4 years ago this we decorated the smallest bedroom as a child’s guest room, with the thoughts of future grandchildren in mind (our 1st is due in mid November). For a few months we had a family staying with us and their young children stayed in this room. For a while we used it as a T.V. room and then as a storage place for excess stuff. For the past year it was our adult daughter’s bedroom. But, now the time has come for me to reclaim it for it’s original purpose combined as a sewing room.



I haven’t done much sewing in the last few years, but I am feeling a return of the desire to play with fabric so I want to be prepared. I will be sure to keep the things that are not childsafe up and out of reach.


There is a bookshelf of books from when my children were young and some other child friendly things that will be in this room. I call it the ‘Blue Room’ because of the blue gingham wallpaper. (The room across the hall is the ‘Yellow Room’ because it has a yellow flowery wallpaper.)

I will post some pictures of my Blue Room once the reclaiming process is complete.

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One Lonely Sock


Today as I was vacumming the edges and corners of the room that my daughter was using for her bedroom, I found this hiding under the dresser. I wonder if she realizes that it got left behind. I will wash the sock and return it to her when she comes home for Christmas — maybe I should wrap it in pretty paper and put it under the tree : )

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First Grandchild : )

In April of this year our son and daughter-in-law popped in for a visit to give hubby and me some great news. They told us that we were going to be grandparents! I was excited, thrilled –estatic really. I have really been very much been  looking forward to being a grandmother.  I stayed in my seat, but inside I was jumping up and down. I am sure the neighbors must have heard my squeals of joy. For the next few days I was feeling all-a-flutter. I went shopping and oogled over baby clothes and other baby stuff, but resisted the urge to buy a cart full.

I needed to do  something  to make me feel like a Gramma. I thought about making a quilt, but decided that it would take too long.  So instead, I did this —


Crocheting a baby blanket would give me the Gramma feeling I was looking for and wouldn’t take as long to make as a quilt ( I will make a quilt later though). I chose this yarn because it has always said ‘Baby’ to me and now I had a baby to use it for. I had it done in 2 weeks and gave it to my daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day.


The white on the edge is a very soft, cuddly feeling yarn.

A few weeks later the ultrasound revealed a baby Boy. This time I rushed out and bought some blue yarn to make another blanket. This one is taking longer to complete because I am working on a number of projects at the same time — one of which was my daughters birthday blanket that I posted about earlier. I knew that I needed to crochet things other than baby blankets — one baby can use only so many blankets.


It is not finished yet, but here it is so far. The pattern calls it a round blanket even though it really is an octagon with 8 sides. I am doing 3 rows with the plain blue and then one row with a thicker fuzzy blue to give it some texture. It is nice and soft which makes me happy — I like soft and cuddly — I am so looking forward to holding the soft and cuddly baby in his soft and cuddly blankets.

I really am enjoying my re-found interest in crocheting. I take something to work on where ever I go and quite miss the relaxation it gives me when I get too busy to crochet  for a few days.

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Happy Mother’s Day To Me

For Mother’s Day this year my son gave me a gerbera daisy in a cute little pot. It had one flower in bloom at the time, but while on my kitchen counter it never got any more flowers  even though the leaves seemed to be healthy. I eventually planted it outside — still no flowers. But — when we came home from Illinois it was blooming. I guess some plants need more patience than others.


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