Hello World!

Normally I am a very organized person — I like to have everything neat and in order — so — I am going to try and break free from that part of myself (at least a little bit) on this Blog. To start with I am writing this post with no real plan or any notes to follow AND I don’t even have the About Me page done — things are supposed to be done in the right order you know : ) I want to be able to write a post without a lot of planning to make sure everything I say comes out in chronological order — to be able to write about what I did today even if I haven’t yet written about what I did yesterday or last week — I can write about that tomorrow or the next day — if I really want to. I want the freedom to write randomly about the “bits and pieces of my life”. I hope to have a lot of fun with this Blog. I am so happy that you have stopped in for a visit.


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