Chippy Friends


Seeing a chipmunk always makes me smile —  so yersterday I was smiling a lot as I watched two of them scurry about.


This one is so cute with such a big peanut in his mouth.


Here he is just checking things out from his perch on the nubby part of this tree. I had to take a number of pictures to actually get just a few good ones — the little creatures are very fast and sometimes are only a blur once you see the picture.


This is the other one that I was watching — I could tell the difference because this one had a normal size tail and the other’s tail was short.


His cheeks are already bulging, but he is still putting another almond in there — it amazes me how much they can stuff in all at once.


Now he is scurrying away to store his treasures for some other time.

I am writing this while outside and Mr. Short Tail has been out again — making me smile some more.



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2 responses to “Chippy Friends

  1. Amy

    wow. nice pics mom!!!

  2. Oh! Isn’t he just ADORABLE! You must have had so much fun watching him, the busy little fellow!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)