Wymbolwood Beach


There are three more days left for hubby and me to be here at the beach. We found this place four years ago and have been enjoying our two weeks of vacation time here every summer since then. We stay at Wymbolwood Lodge which is on the shores of Georgian Bay — not far from Midland, Ontario. The Lodge is set up like motel units with tiny kitchenettes in each one. The units are not at all fancy, but they are comfortable and cozy and the beach is fantastic. You can walk for about an hour in either direction –either at the water’s edge or up in the really soft sand.


I like to take lots of pictures and this year hubby learned how to record video on his camera so we can watch the waves at home this winter when we are longing for the beach.


This is where you will find hubby most of the time we are here — reading a book while sitting down by the beach. The wind can be a bit chilly at times right by the water, but he still loves to be there.

My laptop battery has just gone very low so I had to move inside to let it recharge —  I am going to end this post for now and go back out to enjoy the sun and watch the waves. I will be back to write some more later.



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3 responses to “Wymbolwood Beach

  1. Amy

    ‘hubby’…??? ha ha. its funny to hear you refer to dad like that. nice pic of him by the way.

  2. Hello…..just wanted to pop by and thank you for your hugely generous and touching comment on my blog, i appreciated your words very very much. And always nice to welcome a fellow Hooker into the marvelous world of Blogland :: welcome to you!!!
    Hope you have fun with your blog and looking forward to seeing some of your crochet if you choose to share it here.
    Love to you

  3. What a beautiful place to be! I love your photos of the squirrel? chipmunk? and am so looking forward to showing my boys when they come home from school. Gorgeous photos.