The Last Day

Today is our last full day at the beach until next year. Tomorrow we pack up and go home. Then on Monday we leave again to help our daughter move to Illinois — I will write more about that later. But, now I will show a few more pictures of our time here and then I’m off to fully enjoy my last day here.


On Wednesday the weather was quite cool and windy and the water was very wavey so hubby and I decided to take a drive farther up the bay to find a rocky place — we love our sandy beach for walking and swimming but we also love to see water crashing against the rocks. It was hard to snap the picture at just the right time, but this gives you a little idea.



We see some awesome sunsets here on Georgian Bay.


We drove up here through torrential rain and we unpacked the car in medium rain which stopped when we went into town to but groceries. We were then blessed to see a number of rainbows. This is the one that I was able to get a picture of.

I have so much more that I want to say — but  — I really must go outside — so maybe I will write some more later.


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