It’s Official!

I have both given and received comments from other bloggers so I now consider myself a real member of Blogland. A big Thank You to those who have left comments for me — you have made my day. It feels great to make some new friends. I may not be around much this next week as we are heiping our daughter move to Illinois, but I will try to sneak in a little time to keep up on what is happening with my friends and maybe send off some short posts. I must now get to work packing up to leave our wonderful beach until next summer  — we have had an awesome week. I will be writing more about that when we get back from Illinois — I’ve still got some great pictures waiting to be posted.


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  1. Bob Warriner

    I really like this blog. It sounds like you are enjoying life and I like the nice things you say about your hubby…cause that’s me.