It Is Good To Be Home


Hubby and I arrived back home from our trip to Illinois about 2 hours ago. I have been sitting in my comfy chair enjoying the air conditioning and catching up on my blog reading. I had some serious withdrawal issues this past week — I was only able to connect to the internet a couple of times for just  a few minutes so I really  missed my blog friends. I had  hoped to write some posts while I was away, but without the internet that  of course didn’t happen. I was really too busy with helping my daughter get settled into her new apartment and then too tired when I wasn’t too busy so it is probably a good thing that I had no internet — she finally got hers set up just before we left on Saturday.



Following the U-Haul truck as we drove through Illinois.


The U-Haul following the car. I was impressed with myself for getting this picture.


My daughters apartment is the downstairs side of this house. The whole house has just been renovated so she has brand new everything. I am very happy for her, but I will admit to being  just a little jealous over her new stove : )

I have more to write about our trip and I still have some great vacation pictures to share so I shouldn’t run out of things to blog about for quite a while — I had a lot of  time to think of ideas while driving.  I will be sure to fit some stories in between getting my house back in order now that we are back from all our gallavanting and now that it is just hubby and me in the house — and of course the 2 cats — who I will introduce soon.


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