Have You Ever?


Have you ever given your hubby the wrong directions when driving in an unfamiliar area and then when he stops for gas and to ask for the correct directions mistakes the bag with his lunch in it for a bag of garbage and throws it into the trash and of course neither of you realize this error until you are too far away to do anything about it, but then who would want to eat something that has been in the trash — even if it was in a plastic bag — ugh!


So . . . you ask how could these  things happen to such nice people?

I will tell you how. It happened on the last day of our trip home from Illinois. We had spent the night in a Super 8 Motel in Burton, Michigan.  In the morning we packed up the car for the final part of our trip home. Before getting on the highway we stopped at a Meijer store to look around a bit and to buy some buns, cold cuts, pickles and potato chips  to make sandwiches in the car for lunch. I made  mine right away, but hubby decided to wait until a little later.  As he drove out of the store I directed him to turn left because I thought that particular road ran parallel to the highway — that way we could drive the back road for a bit to take a break from the boring highway. But after a while the little towns we were driving through didn’t seem to be the ones I remembered seeing on the map — so I put down my sandwich and chips to recheck the map. Of course I discovered  we were going in the wrong direction. Being  somewhat confused by then  we stopped at a gas station — we needed some gas anyway. The gas pump was giving hubby a hard time so he had to have the attendant come out to help. He also asked how to get to the highway from there — we had to go back to where we had started. During this process I had finished my lunch and put everything into a plastic bag — tying it shut so the now open bag of chips wouldn’t spill out in the backseat of the car. I then set the bag on the driver’s seat — hubby was still pumping gas — and when he came to sit down I told him to put the bag into the back seat and we drove off to find the highway. An hour after we had left the Meijer store we were back where we started and hubby decides he will have some of those chips now. I unbuckled myself turning around to get them but they were no where to be found — I moved all the stuff, searching thoroughly — then hubby started yelling — Oh No! — I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but he quickly told me that the bag I had put on the seat back at the gas station he had thrown into the trash can. He didn’t hear me tell him to put it in the back seat and since it was so nicely tied up he assumed it was garbage and disposed of it accordingly.

We bemoaned the fact that a perfectly good lunch had gone to waste and then we laughed at the silliness of it all. A little later we stopped at another store to buy some more buns, cold cuts and chips and he enjoyed his lunch. The pickles had survived because they were in the drink holder between the seats — wanted to make sure pickle juice didn’t spill : )

So . . .  do you have any — Have You Ever — stories to share?


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