Birthday Blanket


I crocheted this blanket in June/July  to give to my daughter for her birthday on August 17.  She helped choose the colors and watched it’s progress, but she had to wait until her birthday to actually get it. As it turned out I gave it to her a few days early — just as we were leaving her in her new apartment in Illinois. It was my way of leaving a little bit of me with her — I can give her a hug every time she snuggles up in her blanket.


Here the blanket is in it’s new home. My daughter learned to crochet so she could make this cover for her footstool with some of the leftover yarn.



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4 responses to “Birthday Blanket

  1. Maggie

    Betty Anne, I enjoyed your blog, and your various crafts and projects. Congratulations again, a grandson! Lots of baby boy blue? I regret that I am not seeing any pictures, just the text. Probably due to my connection. Be magnificiently blessed, Maggie

  2. Amy

    Thanks mom! I love it. And I actually really like that second picture (even though it has my feet in it)…the color patterns are really neat.

  3. Hopping over from Becky’s place. The afghan is beautiful!~ I love the colors (lucky daughter!). I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog. You pictures are lovely, you have a way with the camera.

  4. That is a beautiful blanket. And made with so much love 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was nice to meet you. And welcome to blogging!