First Grandchild : )

In April of this year our son and daughter-in-law popped in for a visit to give hubby and me some great news. They told us that we were going to be grandparents! I was excited, thrilled –estatic really. I have really been very much been  looking forward to being a grandmother.  I stayed in my seat, but inside I was jumping up and down. I am sure the neighbors must have heard my squeals of joy. For the next few days I was feeling all-a-flutter. I went shopping and oogled over baby clothes and other baby stuff, but resisted the urge to buy a cart full.

I needed to do  something  to make me feel like a Gramma. I thought about making a quilt, but decided that it would take too long.  So instead, I did this —


Crocheting a baby blanket would give me the Gramma feeling I was looking for and wouldn’t take as long to make as a quilt ( I will make a quilt later though). I chose this yarn because it has always said ‘Baby’ to me and now I had a baby to use it for. I had it done in 2 weeks and gave it to my daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day.


The white on the edge is a very soft, cuddly feeling yarn.

A few weeks later the ultrasound revealed a baby Boy. This time I rushed out and bought some blue yarn to make another blanket. This one is taking longer to complete because I am working on a number of projects at the same time — one of which was my daughters birthday blanket that I posted about earlier. I knew that I needed to crochet things other than baby blankets — one baby can use only so many blankets.


It is not finished yet, but here it is so far. The pattern calls it a round blanket even though it really is an octagon with 8 sides. I am doing 3 rows with the plain blue and then one row with a thicker fuzzy blue to give it some texture. It is nice and soft which makes me happy — I like soft and cuddly — I am so looking forward to holding the soft and cuddly baby in his soft and cuddly blankets.

I really am enjoying my re-found interest in crocheting. I take something to work on where ever I go and quite miss the relaxation it gives me when I get too busy to crochet  for a few days.


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