Childs Guest Room/Sewing Room



When we moved into this house 4 years ago this we decorated the smallest bedroom as a child’s guest room, with the thoughts of future grandchildren in mind (our 1st is due in mid November). For a few months we had a family staying with us and their young children stayed in this room. For a while we used it as a T.V. room and then as a storage place for excess stuff. For the past year it was our adult daughter’s bedroom. But, now the time has come for me to reclaim it for it’s original purpose combined as a sewing room.



I haven’t done much sewing in the last few years, but I am feeling a return of the desire to play with fabric so I want to be prepared. I will be sure to keep the things that are not childsafe up and out of reach.


There is a bookshelf of books from when my children were young and some other child friendly things that will be in this room. I call it the ‘Blue Room’ because of the blue gingham wallpaper. (The room across the hall is the ‘Yellow Room’ because it has a yellow flowery wallpaper.)

I will post some pictures of my Blue Room once the reclaiming process is complete.


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