Mailbox Monday

When you drive down a country road do you notice the mailboxes?

I have seen some that are held together with duct tape, some very rusty ones and some leaning at unusual angles with the doors hanging on for dear life. Mailboxes have a rough life being out in every kind of weather and in the northern areas of the world they must fight for survival against those big, mean snowplows. I think that someone could have a profitable business selling rural mailboxes door to door — especially if they included installation. Most people probably think that as long as it still holds the mail — who cares what it looks like? But, if someone was on their doorstep with a nice new one and would do all the work they might be convinced to replace the old rickety one — maybe : )

But, not all mailboxes are old and rickety. There are some nice sturdy mailboxes as well as some painted with pretty pictures or designed in some unique shape.

I notice the mailboxes as I drive along and being the amateur photographer that I am I like to stop and take pictures of the ones that catch my eye. So, I plan to post a picture of a mailbox each Monday for a while just for the fun of it. Who knows maybe you will start to notice mailboxes too.

This first one was seen in Illinois on our way home from taking our daughter to grad school. It is one of the really unique ones.



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  1. I love your blog! Found it when you commented on mine. How did you find mine? I love the chairs, the marshmellow-looking bales, the chipmunks, the smiles… Hope you keep blogging!