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Baby Soft Flannel


The cushions I was recovering for my daughter-in-law’s glider rocker  are finished, so now I can start a new — more fun, sewing project. I am going to make  receiving blankets and some burp cloths for my new grandson. I bought 5 adorable baby boy prints yesterday that I have washed and dried — I just love the soft and cozy feel of flannel : )

Baby Flannel and Ottawa St

I will post pictures of the finished project another day.

I parked at the opposite end of Ottawa Street this time and found some more cool stuff that I hadn’t seen on either of my last 2 visits this month — thimbles and spools of thread.

There are 3 thimbles around this garden area.


There is a whole row of these spools of thread separating  a rest area from a parking lot.



He is continuing to do well and getting stronger every day. The doctors are already talking about transferring him out of the neo-natal unit. I think I better stop blogging and get those receiving blankets and burp cloths sewn and ready to be used — he might be home much sooner than originally expected. I think  we may have a hard time keeping up with this little guy — he seems to do everything in a hurry — I am sure  that our lives will never be boring : )


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Tiny Little Fingers

Copy (2) of P1010412

When I arrived to visit baby today he was sleeping peacefully in Mommy’s arms — what a beautiful sight. He is doing super great —  even breathing on his own. He is eating every 3 hours through a tube in his nose and his IV should be out by morning. I had thought that I might be able to hold him today, but the nurses are limiting it just his parents for a few more days. I will be patient a little longer : )


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Mailbox Monday


This is a mailbox for a church — which you can see in the background.

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Sunday Smiles



Todays Smiles are displayed on a bookshelf in my living room.

Wishing you another Smiling Sunday : )

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Baby Update

Thank you to those who have given me comments of congratulations and to those who are praying — both are appreciated. I really like to personally respond, but I may not be able to over the next few weeks. I am expecting my life to be somewhat unpredictable for a while — with being available to help my son and daughter-in-law as well as spending some time visiting my beautiful grandson. Yesterday was a hard day as the new parents left the hospital, but had to leave the baby behind — thankfully they live  close and will be able to visit often. He  is doing very well — at this time the main issue is that his lungs need to fully develop. It is so hard to only  be able to carefully touch him — we all want to hold him and snuggle him close — but we have to wait. Mom and Dad are getting more comfortable in the neo-natal unit, learning the ropes because they will be spending a lot of time there over the next number of weeks. They have been able to change some diapers — Mom even had her first experience of what happens when you don’t get the diaper back on a little boy quick enough : )


Aren’t those little toes just the cutest?


My son just called — while I was still writing this post — they both got to hold the baby today : )  Also Mom is getting enough breastmilk so they have started feeding him —  with a tube in his nose for now.  I am so happy for them — maybe I will get to hold him when I visit on Monday. Mom and Dad had today for themselves — the other grandmother is taking food down tomorrow so it will be her turn to visit. I was asked to bring supper on Monday so that is when I will visit. Do you see a connection here — if you bring food you get to visit baby — hmmm . . . I don’t know about this : ) Really though, the plan came from us grammas — we offered to take turns so we wouldn’t overwhelm them — I will bonest though — sharing is hard : ) I am thrilled that he  is doing so well. The nurses had said that it could be a week or more before we were able to hold him and this is only 3 days — WOW !  I will stop my rambling for now and actually post this — then I am going to spend the evening relaxing and crocheting.

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8 Weeks Early!!!

My first grandson arrived quite unexpectedly at 9:18  Wednesday morning after only 3 hours of labor. Daddy was called home from work and arrived just in time for the last two pushes that brought our baby boy into the world.

The most exciting part for me was that I got to be there for the whole event : ) Both of my children were born by c-section while I was under  general anethesia so this was my first time to actually see a baby being born — it is something I will never forget.    AMAZING ! ! !  INCREDIBLE ! ! !   AWESOME ! ! !

He  weighed 4 pounds, 8 ounces and was 17 inches long.  Because he is premature his lungs have not fully developed, but he worked hard and made it through his first day in stable condition.  He is getting great care in the neo-natal unit of one of the best hospitals in Ontario — which is very close to where we live.  We are believing that he will do well and  maybe even be able to come home in less than the 6 weeks that the doctors are estimating.


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Mailbox Monday


Anyone want to go fishing? You can bring the worms : )



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