Pink Turtleheads

I think that is a rather odd name for a flower, but it is a very nice flower despite it’s funny name. I started with one plant a few years ago and now these pink turtleheads fill quite a space in my garden. I even gave some to my son this Spring.


They are late bloomers so they are just now starting to show off their pretty pink flowers. Their name comes from the fact that they look a little like the head of a turtle. If you squeeze them they open up similiar to snapdragons — so I guess they are ‘snapping turtles’.


There are a number of buds that flower at the top of a tall leafy stem.


This picture was taken 2 days after the first one and already there are a lot more buds opening up — soon there will be a very nice pink patch in my garden.


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  1. This is just like when I learn a new word and then it suddenly seems to pop up all over the place! Just two weeks ago I found an interesting-looking flower, that I had never seen before, at the edge of the camp ground parking lot. It turned out to have the fascinating name of “turtlehead”. When you look closely it actually does look like a turtle head. And now today you posted pictures of your turtle head flowers! Very neat! Are they native plants or cultivated?