Relaxing Evening

Hubby usually has Thursday evenings off and whenever possible we like to do something quiet and relaxing together. Occasionally we will drive down to LaSalle Park to sit by the water watching the boats and birds. So that is what we did yesterday. I really like taking pictures and I have a few to show you — really I only picked the best ones : )


There must have been some kind of group sailing thing going on because I have never seen so many sailboats out all at the same time. It was definitely the perfect evening for it though.


These are the boats we saw while sitting on a bench by the water. Hubby decided to stay on the bench while I went for a walk to get a different view and take more pictures.

Blog-Relaxing Evening1

I love the way the boat masts are being reflected in the water.

Blog-Relaxing Evening


Blog-Relaxing Evening2

There are LOTS of ducks and geese to watch swimming and eating. Sometimes there is a bit of territorial squabbling going on, but last night they were all on their best behavior.


I crossed this little bridge while on my walk.


The ducks at the end are a little bunched up here . . .


. . . but now they are getting themselves more in line with the others.


I wonder why are these boats anchored out here instead of over at the docks with all the rest. I guess that maybe even boats have a need for their own space sometimes. One can only take the crowds for so long you know.


It is starting to get dark so the boats are coming in to the docks now.


I am on my way back across the bridge now. There were a number of people fishing from the bridge, but I didn’t take any of their pictures. I don’t really see the point in fishing here when you have to throw all the fish back because the water is too polluted to actually eat them. I guess it is just for the thrill of the catch. I think that one guy I watched just kept catching the same fish over and over — it sure looked the same to me — pretty stupid fish if it was.


This is just a part of the bridge with the sunset in the background — looks pretty cool I think.


As I made my way back to the car some kayakers had just come in so I had to take a picture of their colorful kayaks.


One last picture of the boats — now with the moon coming out.


Hubby got tired of sitting on the hard bench after a hard day of work so this is how I found him when I finished my walk. We both had a nice relaxing evening : )



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2 responses to “Relaxing Evening

  1. Bob Warriner

    When Betty Anne tells me she is going for a short walk but has her camera in hand….I know that short walk will take a long time, especially if it is a beautiful evening, and there a colourful things to capture and share. So, one lesson I have learned….never lose a chance to snooze.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I would have enjoyed that walk with you.