Funky Pictures

The digital camera I bought four and a half years ago  with 10x zoom it is quite large and chunky compared to what is available now. I recently replaced that camera because I was having some issues with it. My new camera is  much smaller, even though it is larger than many of the very compact cameras out there. I chose this particular camera for two reasons — first, because my daughter has had the same model for over a year — she loves it and takes great pictures — second, the price was right. I bought the camera new, but  it is a discontinued model so I got a great clearance price — I always like getting a deal.

I said all that to lead up to saying that this camera is small enough to fit into my purse which means I can take it everywhere I go. So, now when I see something funky while I’m out and about I can respond to that little voice inside that says — “ooo . . . that is so cool — you should really should take a picture”. I did just that tonight and took these pictures behind a Home Depot store.


This was what first caught my eye as I was driving across the parking lot — Mrs. Short Ladder and Mr. Tall Ladder. The two orange ladders facing each other against the white brick building made for a very unique picture.

Then I looked around the corner and found these pictures.



Pretty funky stuff if you ask me, but even if you don’t ask I still think they are funky : )



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2 responses to “Funky Pictures

  1. Carrol Homer

    Hi Betty ……..Yipee I got the picture of CJ. It is a really nice picture. I can’t wait to see his little face. Congratulations to the new mom and dad and the new grandma and grandpa and now that makes dad and I great and we didn’t even have to do anything except be married for 51 years and now we are great. Thats great don’t you think? Hope everyone had a great day for their first day with their new titles.
    I am so excited that I finally got into your blog.
    So I am saying goodnight and God bless the new little family. Love mom, grandma and great grandma!!!

  2. AB

    I LOVE the ladders. Not just the tall and short parts but the fact that they were next to a wall with a stripe of the same color. Talk about serndipitous : )