Acrobat Cat

My cat Purrcy is quite an acrobat.  A door is only about 2 inches thick and he is not a small cat, but he likes to sit on top of doors. I found him on one recently and managed to quickly get the camera and take a picture — I wasn’t sure how long he would stay up there so I didn’t take much time setting up the shot — I just started snapping. Here he is on the top of the living room door.


Blog-Acrobat Cat

Does anyone else have an Acrobat Cat?



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5 responses to “Acrobat Cat

  1. LOLLLLLLLLLL I love your cat……So curious and intrigued. I can’t stop laughing at the fearlessness and confidence this one has. Soooooo cute 🙂


  2. Our female does the same thing all the time, shes only 6lbs and skinny but shes always getting into these weird tiny little spots.

  3. He looks so comfortable up there! I’ve never seen a cat do that.

    I loved your funky pictures, especially the ladders.