A Dyson For Me

Hubby and I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner yesterday — the canister version — DC 21 stowaway. Our old vacuum was a Miele that hubby won at work 20 years ago. It served us well. Before that we had yard sale specials and hand-me-downs so this is the first vacuum cleaner that we actually bought for ourselves. Our son and daughter-in-law bought a Dyson about 3 years ago and based on their reports of how great it worked I really wanted one but couldn’t rationalize the expense as long as the old one was still working. As I was almost finished vacuuming the house on Friday the old Miele made some HORRIBLY LOUD NOISIES  and later was declared officially dead by hubby. While out shopping yesterday we bought a Dyson : ) Upon arriving home I immediately assembled it (hubby had to go out ) and tested it. WOW — I had to empty the canister twice and I had just vacuumed on Friday evening. I was absolutely amazed at how much it picked up that the old one had left behind. It is going to be great having less cat hair flying around — I do love my cats, but they sure do leave a lot of evidence that they live here : ) My daughter-in-law says that the Dyson works really great to clean a mattress — she also says that I will be grossed out by how much dirt I have been sleeping on. I will try it soon. Since I can’t write a post without pictures — here are some of my new best friend.



When checking out my Blogroll today I found that Sparkle Petal also got a new Dyson. It must have been the weekend of new vacuum cleaners : )



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2 responses to “A Dyson For Me

  1. Looks like a serious piece of machinery.

  2. sparklepetal

    Hello Betty Anne, thanks for linking to my little blog! Dysons are certainly great little machines in many ways and in the end they do seem to be worth paying that bit more for.