The Paint Can’s Cousins

Last week I wrote about finally doing some long neglected touch up painting in the living room. I ended the post with wondering how long it would take for the can of paint to make it back down to it’s shelf in the basement. Well — on Sunday evening that paint can invited some of  his cousins upstairs — I guess he was feeling a bit lonely all by himself. Hubby had decided that on Monday he would paint the inside of 2 closets that hadn’t been done when we moved in 4 years ago.  At that time the house was very sad and every wall, every door,  every baseboard and window frame had to be painted. We also had to replace most of the carpet and some drywall. So the inside of these 2 closets did not make it on the priority list — until now. We are in the process of reclaiming our space now that our daughter has moved out so this felt like a good time to paint the closets.




Hubby finished the closet walls and put the first coat on the baseboards on Monday. On Tuesday I did a second coat on the baseboards as well as some touchups on some of the other trim around the house and some more spots on the walls — you know all those places that get bumped and scraped just in the course of everyday living — and some extra ones from moving our daughter out of house : ) By the end of the day I had painted so many touchups I was beginning to feel like I was repainting the whole house. I have started to think that some rooms need a fresh new color, but I really want to finish the things that haven’t yet been crossed off the list  from when we moved in first — like 2  closet doors upstairs (at least the insides of these are done) and my kitchen cupboards which have been a work-in-progress for over a year now (pots sure get dusty when there are no doors on the cupboard) .  I  hope to have them finished before Christmas — so actually I  better get them done before my grandson is born in mid-November — because who cares about kitchen cupboards when you have a new baby to cuddle?

This has turned out to be quite a rambling post just to say that although the paint can invited his cousins to visit I am happy to report that before I went to bed last night the paint can and his cousins were all back in their places on the basement shelf. This is one case of the cousins knowing how to not over stay their welcome.



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2 responses to “The Paint Can’s Cousins

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog lately! It’s nice to get to know you a little here on your blog. Happy painting. You know, that’s how it goes . . . as soon as you do a little here and a little there, pretty soon the whole house is needing some new colors : )!! Show us any fresh color updates.

  2. Doesn’t it feel great to get even those out-of-the-way corners cleaned up? I’m sure that painting closets will go way down the list of priorities once that little baby is born. How exciting! Are you tempted to buy and/or make stuff for the new baby? Is this your first grand child?