Mailbox Monday


Anyone want to go fishing? You can bring the worms : )




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4 responses to “Mailbox Monday

  1. Now that is one fun mailbox! I’m not really fond of fish, but it makes me laugh.

    In answer to your question, the photos in my header are from istock. I take my own pictures for most of my blog, but they aren’t all they great — sometimes not very clear when they’re enlarged to the size of the header.

  2. Where do people buy mailboxes like this and how do you manage to find all the fun mailboxes? Thanks for your comment on my photos. I really enjoy your blog and check it every day!

  3. Love the mailbox though I’m not too keen on worms!

    I just wanted to pop along and say ‘Hi’ and thank you for your lovely comment – it’s so nice to meet you.

    Nina x

  4. AB

    can you imagine being the mailman who had to put letters in there…it’d either creep me out or make me laugh every time