Baby Update

Thank you to those who have given me comments of congratulations and to those who are praying — both are appreciated. I really like to personally respond, but I may not be able to over the next few weeks. I am expecting my life to be somewhat unpredictable for a while — with being available to help my son and daughter-in-law as well as spending some time visiting my beautiful grandson. Yesterday was a hard day as the new parents left the hospital, but had to leave the baby behind — thankfully they live  close and will be able to visit often. He  is doing very well — at this time the main issue is that his lungs need to fully develop. It is so hard to only  be able to carefully touch him — we all want to hold him and snuggle him close — but we have to wait. Mom and Dad are getting more comfortable in the neo-natal unit, learning the ropes because they will be spending a lot of time there over the next number of weeks. They have been able to change some diapers — Mom even had her first experience of what happens when you don’t get the diaper back on a little boy quick enough : )


Aren’t those little toes just the cutest?


My son just called — while I was still writing this post — they both got to hold the baby today : )  Also Mom is getting enough breastmilk so they have started feeding him —  with a tube in his nose for now.  I am so happy for them — maybe I will get to hold him when I visit on Monday. Mom and Dad had today for themselves — the other grandmother is taking food down tomorrow so it will be her turn to visit. I was asked to bring supper on Monday so that is when I will visit. Do you see a connection here — if you bring food you get to visit baby — hmmm . . . I don’t know about this : ) Really though, the plan came from us grammas — we offered to take turns so we wouldn’t overwhelm them — I will bonest though — sharing is hard : ) I am thrilled that he  is doing so well. The nurses had said that it could be a week or more before we were able to hold him and this is only 3 days — WOW !  I will stop my rambling for now and actually post this — then I am going to spend the evening relaxing and crocheting.


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