Tiny Little Fingers

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When I arrived to visit baby today he was sleeping peacefully in Mommy’s arms — what a beautiful sight. He is doing super great —  even breathing on his own. He is eating every 3 hours through a tube in his nose and his IV should be out by morning. I had thought that I might be able to hold him today, but the nurses are limiting it just his parents for a few more days. I will be patient a little longer : )



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2 responses to “Tiny Little Fingers

  1. Sharon

    Such great news that he is doing so well! I pray that he will break all the records and be out of ICU much sooner than expected! Congratulations to you all!

  2. I would be going absolutely crazy waiting to hold that precious baby! So glad to hear is doing so well. Will look forward to the first pics in Gramma’s (Nana’s, Memere’s, Mimi’s???) arms! 🙂