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Sunny Sunday

The sun was shining beautiful on Sunday afternoon as I walked home from church. Hubby and I had gone for a drive the week before to see the Fall leaves, but the sun chose not to co-operate for picture taking — so when the sun was shining so bright on Sunday I got a few nice Fall pictures — even if they are only in my own yard.


A funky angle — just for the fun of it : )


I love looking up into the sky through the trees.


Sedums save their best color for the Fall.


Looks like it is time to start raking leaves.




This is my favorite tree in our yard.


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Pretty Pink Flowers

The church I attend is one of the many North American churches that celebrate a Pastor Appreciation Day during the month of October each year.  I don’t think that I have mentioned before that my hubby is a pastor — of the church that I attend of course. So, this past Sunday we were called to the front of the church to be publically thanked for all that we do through the year. We received a gift card for The Keg — they have the best steaks — my mouth is watering just thinking about them — we will have to go soon. They also gave us some beautiful pink flowers. I took  pictures of those flowers today so that I could share them with you — hope you enjoy their gorgeous color : ) 




Gidget likes the flowers too.


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More Baby Cuddles

Now that my grandson is at home after spending his first 22 days in the hospital, I am able to see him every few days and get a good amount of cuddle time with him. There is something about snuggling a baby up close — especially one as small as he is — that is just so satisfying — I can do it for hours at a time — and try to as often as I can. For the sake of identity safety my son has asked me not to post pictures that show the baby’s full features — which is why my pictures of him are sometimes cropped a little oddly. But, I still think you can get the idea of an adorable, cuddly little boy — who has completely stolen my heart. I am definitely enjoying being a Gramma — although I did get told to stop buying clothes for awhile — it really is hard when there are so many cute things for babies these days. I really don’t remember having so much to choose from when my children were babies. So, enough talk and on to some pictures : )



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Hubby Has Something To Say

Yesterday hubby and I had an interesting conversation, after which he wrote what is todays post. The title he gave to his version of this story is STRING. I hope you enjoy reading something from his perspective — just for a little change — I will be back for the next post.

It was my day off and I had come back to bed to snuggle with Betty Anne. When I commented on how much I liked some of  her particular curves, she responded by saying that she didn’t understand what men found so pleasurable in them. My reply was that there’s no need to understand, just accept that as a man, I find pleasure in things that she as a woman can’t understand, just the same way that she finds pleasure in things that make no sense to me. Unsatisfied with the philisophical nature of the discussion, (which by the way was meant to be romantic) Betty Anne wanted a practical example.

I quickly remembered our vacation this summer. One day, we left our cottage to do some sightseeing. Now, the sights I was under the impression we were looking for were things like sandy beaches, rocky shores and beautiful landscapes. But on our journey, we found a little village. It should have taken no time to drive through. But there in the middle of Main Street, was this quaint little yarn store. There was no point in suggesting that this was not one of natures wonders. Betty Anne was drawn by the lure of what might be hidden inside  this little shop with such a cute name — The Purple Sock. So there I sat, parked at the curb, sweating in the sun, as my wife , with great pleasure disappeared behind the door. But, I as a loving husband expect these diversions.

However, my story does not end there. In that yarn shop my wife learned of  another, larger, more elaborate yarn store in Barrie. And though Barrie was not actually in the direction towards home, somehow Google Map was altered to include it in our route. We had had a wonderful vacation, and though a great deal of Betty Anne’s attention was given to blogging or crocheting, we loved being together. But now, looking forward to getting home, I found myself  lost in the city of  Barrie trying to find a yarn store. After what must have been an hour of driving around, we found the store. By this time I needed to use a bathroom so I went into the store with Betty Anne to find one. It was as I was coming out that it struck me. We had driven out of our way so that my wife could spend time in a store filled with string balls. There they were all around me stacked in piles, thrown in bins and placed in cubby holes all around the walls, in all kinds of colors and textures, but there was no doubt about it, they were all just string balls! That’s it?   How did I get tangled up in this?  And there, gazing, smiling, reaching, holding and longing to take these balls of string home is Betty Anne, the women I love.  Am I supposed to understand why these string balls give her pleasure?  It’s not going to happen. I just know  that they make her happy and I like it when she is happy. And she is not alone. All over the world through blogging she connects with others who also have this strange attraction. So, what’s a guy to do?

Now that you have read hubby’s story — I have a few things to add. I am sure that I told him that part of our sightseeing that day included stopping at The Purple Sock — it was the reason we drove in the direction that we did — I guess he just doesn’t remember. And driving through Barrie to get home was supposed to be a quicker way to get home than the back roads we usually take — how was I supposed to know that we would get lost or that there would be an accident on the highway that blocked up traffic? The moral of todays story is that husbands and wives don’t have to understand everything about each other in order to love each other — because after 30 years of marriage there are still things we don’t understand, but, we do love each other very much : )


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Mailbox Monday


I have actually seen 2 of these bright yellow ears-of-corn recently.


This is definitely a one-of-a-kind mailbox.

Hope your Monday is a good one : )

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Time For Sunday Smiles

It seems that it’s not just kids who like to play with their food. I think these pictures show great creativity–don’t you?

 Fast Food Smile.JPG-2



I hope you enjoy todays smiles — and that they don’t make you too hungry : )


Picture #1 by alisahhhazeee

Picture #2 by monicawin1121

Picture #3 by mattcromer


You may have noticed that my posting has been less frequent the past couple of weeks — I am hoping to change that very soon. I have been working on the time consuming project of organizing all of my photos on the computer as well as adjusting to being a Gramma — getting some quality cuddle time, shopping for clothes small enough to fit, finishing burp cloths and receiving blankets — and just keeping up with the everyday stuff of life. I do forsee some balance coming to the craziness of life these past few weeks so hopefully you will be hearing from me more often : ) I have been missing my time spent blogging and my crochet time has been very limited, but I am planning on more of both in the very near future.

Have a great Sunday — see you tomorrow with some funky mailboxes for Mailbox Monday.

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Something To Smile About : )

I know you have been patiently waiting to find out why I had so many smiles in my post on Sunday. I will start by telling you that I did NOT get to visit my baby grandson in the hospital as planned on Sunday evening. You then ask — why am I smiling?  Because — I got to hold and cuddle and rock my sweet little bundle at his home. Yes, he came home after only 22 days in the hospital!  We are thrilled : )

 My son and daughter-in-law actually played a pretty good trick on me. My son called  Thursday evening with the daily update of how baby was doing and asked if I would be o.k. with having my visit on Friday afternoon instead of Sunday evening.  He said that because it was their anniversary on Friday he was taking the day off and then they wanted the weekend with the baby themselves. I told him that Friday was fine and we arranged that I would meet them at their house before going together to the hospital. On the drive down to meet them I did start to think about some of things he said and wondered if the reason for the change was so that they could use the weekend to stay at the hospital for the required 48 hours before bringing the baby home, but didn’t want to tell me yet. I had been telling them that he would be coming home much sooner than we had originally been told because he was doing so well. I arrived at their house right on time — this was important because of the feeding schedule and I didn’t want to be the one to mess things up — but, they were not ready to leave — then they wanted to show me the video baby monitor they had been given — so I followed them into their bedroom to see this monitor they were so excited about. I looked at the screen and saw the crib in the baby’s room — and then I saw that there was something in the crib — I thought they had put a doll in the crib to tease me — I looked again and realized that it was a real baby — so I went running down the hall (luckily it is a short hall) giggling with glee — opened the door and there he was — sleeping under the blanket I had given my daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day. He of course woke up with all the noise I was making and I of course picked him right up and snuggled him close. I was so happy and excited to be able to hold him without any hospital limitations. He had actually come home Thursday evening — my son and daughter-in-law really got me good.

I stayed for a few hours on Friday afternoon — mommy and daddy  left the house for an hour  — baby and me enjoyed our cuddle time — I even read him some stories.

I got to see him for a few minutes on Saturday when I dropped off some clothes I had just bought — everything he had was too big. Then on Sunday hubby (Grampa) had to get in his cuddle time, so of course there was more cuddle time for me too. It is such a happy feeling to hold your very own grandson — I am sure that all you fellow Grammas understand the feeling. I am glad that he is starting out so small — he will stay cuddle size longer : )


Do you see that look of pure joy on my face as I hold my precious little bundle?   The cats were a little unsure at first about this new creature in the house, but they seem to have accepted him o.k. so far.  I definitely love those little feet. The hands are my son’s — he is preparing a top up bottle of breastmilk, because baby doesn’t always get enough by nursing himself — he gets tired — but he is getting stronger every day.

So, there you have it — the reason for all my smiles — he is definitely worth smiling about ! ! !


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