A Terrible Feeling

I had hoped to write a happy post today about the new laptop that I purchased on Monday, but I can’t, because it never made it home. Yesterday evening after doing my grocery shopping I picked up my laptop — excited about going home to play with it. My old computer has been doing wonky things and making me very frustrated. I didn’t buy anything extravagant, but it is  a big improvement over what I am using now. After getting the laptop I made one quick stop  — I was only in the store a maximum of 5 minutes and I DID LOCK the car.  As I walked back to my car I noticed that the interior light was on which I thought was rather odd so I checked to see if the switch was in the correct position — it was — and I continued on my way home.  I  arrived home, carried the groceries from the trunk into the house, opened the back door ofthe car to get my laptop from the floor of the back seat and it was GONE !  To say that I was very upset doesn’t come close to how I felt. I made the necessary call to the police reporting the theft. I also called the store to alert them just in case the thief tried to return it without a receipt. At some point in the process of making calls and putting my groceries away and crying and going through the list of what if I had done things differently —  I realized that there was more that was missing — and I wanted to cry some more — have I mentioned that I was very upset? I think that I was followed from the store where I got the computer to the place I stopped — they are quite close together. The police said it often happens that way — the thieves wait outside the computer/electronic stores watching for the people who put purchases into their car and then follow them to the next store that they stop at. I will make sure I am not a target for them again.

I almost never leave the house without some crochet to work on and a book to read — you just don’t know when you might get stuck waiting somewhere, so I like to be prepared. 


A purse-like  bag that contained my brand new novel and the latest — almost finished — baby blanket — was taken too. I also had all the printed pictures  of my grandson since he was born 2 weeks ago and the photo album I had given my son and daughter-in-law (I thought I might stop at their place and do some sorting through the pictures and adding new ones to their album). Not to  worry — I do have them all still on my computer and backed up so I can re-print them. It does make me mad though that they will just be thrown away somewhere.

You get a terrible feeling inside when someone breaks into your space and steals something from you. Except for the blanket-in-progress, the things can be replaced — I guess I could remake the blanket, but I don’t think that I will — it would just remind me that the first one was stolen. I will have to make something different.

 We do have an insurance policy that should give us the money to replace the things that were taken and in time the terrible feeling will fade. I will let you know how the insurance works out.



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5 responses to “A Terrible Feeling

  1. When I first saw your title, I thought something had gone wrong with the baby, so in that sense the rest of the story was a relief, but still a very upsetting experience, I’m sure!

  2. Oh, what a day! So upsetting! And all the “if only’s”, “should haves” and “could haves”. Hope that at least you get some reimbursement from insurance for the laptop. So sorry to hear about the blanket and the pictures! By the way, it’s wonderful to read about your little grandson. You sure have shifted gears lately, into the Grandma mode! Praying that your little grandson will grow strong and healthy and then you’ll get to hold him as long as you like, if your kids let you:)

  3. sparklepetal

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. Being the victim of a crime is horrible, the feeling is out of all proportion to the event in many ways. I hope the insurance sorts out the laptop, but the loss of the blanket is so sad. Lots of sympathy,


  4. That is rotten. I’ll pray the insurance works out…not that the insurance can fix everything, but it will help.

  5. AB

    Oh wow…that’s horrible mom. I didn’t know you were getting a new laptop…you just got your other one. Now you’ll be getting a new new laptop (ha…you’ll have had more laptops than me). How can a car be broken into that easily…I mean, the alarm wasn’t even sounding?