Sunday Smiles

I was starting to wonder if I would be able to keep going with my Sunday Smiles posts, because my Smiley picture file was shrinking — I did consider reposting some — just to see if you would notice — but, I was sure that you would, so I decided against that idea : )  This week I did some searching and I now have enough Smiley pictures to keep me going for quite a while longer. When I post pictures that I did not take myself I will include the name of the person who did. If anyone has some interesting pictures of Smiley things (no people) you can send them to me — if I like them I will add them to my file of pictures to post. My address is on the About Me page.  Now  — enough talk about the pictures — let’s see the pictures !

Duct tape can be used for just about everything — even Smiles.

Duct Tape

This next one really made me smile — hope it does the same for you.


Have a GREAT Sunday —  full of Smiles : )


Picture #1 by luhoo

Picture #2 by Stephyfisher


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  1. Great smiles, and you’re right about duct tape!