Holding And Cuddling : )

Sunday evening my son lovingly gave me an hour of his baby time so that I could go in with my daughter-in-law to be a part of the changing and feeding routine. I finally got to hold my grandson up close and really cuddle with him — I was on cloud 9. Last Sunday I got to hold him for only about 10 minutes. He still had the feeding tube in his nose and he seemed so tiny and fragile, which made me feel quite awkward holding him. But this week he just felt like a baby and I fully enjoyed my time with him : )


Grampa also got a chance to hold him.


I am counting the hours until our visit next Sunday.


He is doing absolutely great — learning to breastfeed and growing. As soon as he is getting full feedings without using a tube  he will be able to go home.  For now the nurses put a tube down his throat  after he breastfeeds — he gets too tired to get all that he needs — or when Mommy is not there they give him milk that she has pumped.  Hopefully it will only be a couple more weeks until he can go home and then there will be no limits on cuddle time : )



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2 responses to “Holding And Cuddling : )

  1. Happy to see you holding that soft, sweet little blessing…bliss, simply bliss.

  2. sparklepetal

    Bless him, what a precious little bundle! What beautiful hair! Snow White had lots of hair when she was born, but very dark. It’s good that he is doing so well and I’m so pleased you got a ‘proper’ cuddle!