Pruning The Cherry Tree

On Saturday Hubby decided to prune  the cherry tree that my son gave me for Mother’s Day 2 years ago. I supervised and took pictures. My tree looks a lot neater now — it was quite bushy and lopsided before it’s ‘haircut’. So I now show you the evidence of our joint efforts of pruning the cherry tree.






When I start taking pictures I usually take a lot and Saturday was not an exception to this fact about me — so here are 3 more.


This hose nozzle was finally put away on Saturday after being left on this rock in the front garden most of the summer.


Sometimes I just  hold the camera up and look around to see if anything interesting shows on the screen and then take a picture — I thought our chimney looked pretty ‘cool’ from the ground so I took a picture — I think that a lot of things look interesting so I end up taking a lot of pictures. This last one was taken looking down our driveway.



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  1. AB

    so where’s the results pictures? dad said the tree came out looking really funny and lopsided but I don’t see that.