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I know you have been patiently waiting to find out why I had so many smiles in my post on Sunday. I will start by telling you that I did NOT get to visit my baby grandson in the hospital as planned on Sunday evening. You then ask — why am I smiling?  Because — I got to hold and cuddle and rock my sweet little bundle at his home. Yes, he came home after only 22 days in the hospital!  We are thrilled : )

 My son and daughter-in-law actually played a pretty good trick on me. My son called  Thursday evening with the daily update of how baby was doing and asked if I would be o.k. with having my visit on Friday afternoon instead of Sunday evening.  He said that because it was their anniversary on Friday he was taking the day off and then they wanted the weekend with the baby themselves. I told him that Friday was fine and we arranged that I would meet them at their house before going together to the hospital. On the drive down to meet them I did start to think about some of things he said and wondered if the reason for the change was so that they could use the weekend to stay at the hospital for the required 48 hours before bringing the baby home, but didn’t want to tell me yet. I had been telling them that he would be coming home much sooner than we had originally been told because he was doing so well. I arrived at their house right on time — this was important because of the feeding schedule and I didn’t want to be the one to mess things up — but, they were not ready to leave — then they wanted to show me the video baby monitor they had been given — so I followed them into their bedroom to see this monitor they were so excited about. I looked at the screen and saw the crib in the baby’s room — and then I saw that there was something in the crib — I thought they had put a doll in the crib to tease me — I looked again and realized that it was a real baby — so I went running down the hall (luckily it is a short hall) giggling with glee — opened the door and there he was — sleeping under the blanket I had given my daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day. He of course woke up with all the noise I was making and I of course picked him right up and snuggled him close. I was so happy and excited to be able to hold him without any hospital limitations. He had actually come home Thursday evening — my son and daughter-in-law really got me good.

I stayed for a few hours on Friday afternoon — mommy and daddy  left the house for an hour  — baby and me enjoyed our cuddle time — I even read him some stories.

I got to see him for a few minutes on Saturday when I dropped off some clothes I had just bought — everything he had was too big. Then on Sunday hubby (Grampa) had to get in his cuddle time, so of course there was more cuddle time for me too. It is such a happy feeling to hold your very own grandson — I am sure that all you fellow Grammas understand the feeling. I am glad that he is starting out so small — he will stay cuddle size longer : )


Do you see that look of pure joy on my face as I hold my precious little bundle?   The cats were a little unsure at first about this new creature in the house, but they seem to have accepted him o.k. so far.  I definitely love those little feet. The hands are my son’s — he is preparing a top up bottle of breastmilk, because baby doesn’t always get enough by nursing himself — he gets tired — but he is getting stronger every day.

So, there you have it — the reason for all my smiles — he is definitely worth smiling about ! ! !



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  1. Oh, yeah! When my grandson first came home they called me “a baby hog!” Imagine! Isn’t that in the Grandma’s Book of Rights?
    1. Gramma has the right to hold her grandchild at every opportunity!

  2. Wow! Exciting! Enjoy!

  3. sparklepetal

    What a lovely surprise for you! It’s great that he is home already and there will be so many more cuddles to come 🙂


  4. AB

    you need to learn how to use photoshop to blur a face so you don’t have to cut him completely out of the picture…it looks a little funny. J called me…we are going to try and do a webcam sometime soon…yay!