Mailbox Monday


I have actually seen 2 of these bright yellow ears-of-corn recently.


This is definitely a one-of-a-kind mailbox.

Hope your Monday is a good one : )


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  1. Bob Warriner

    Mailboxes. Isn’t that an outdated name. When was the last time you actually received mail in your mailbox? And yet we walk down the lane, put down the flag, open the door only to find bills, flyers, junk ….but no real mail.

    It doesn’t matter if they look like a shoe, a house, a barn or a cob of corn, they still don’t seem to attract real mail. Instead we now turn on our computers and addictively click on our inbox to see if we have any e-mail and when that disappoints us, we click on our favorites to read a blog.

    And…..don’t you think it is ironic that having left the disappointing old mailbox at the side of the road to search after a fun, exciting, colorful, make-you-smile blog like this one, …this blog takes us right back to the road to look at mailboxes. Hmmm.