More Baby Cuddles

Now that my grandson is at home after spending his first 22 days in the hospital, I am able to see him every few days and get a good amount of cuddle time with him. There is something about snuggling a baby up close — especially one as small as he is — that is just so satisfying — I can do it for hours at a time — and try to as often as I can. For the sake of identity safety my son has asked me not to post pictures that show the baby’s full features — which is why my pictures of him are sometimes cropped a little oddly. But, I still think you can get the idea of an adorable, cuddly little boy — who has completely stolen my heart. I am definitely enjoying being a Gramma — although I did get told to stop buying clothes for awhile — it really is hard when there are so many cute things for babies these days. I really don’t remember having so much to choose from when my children were babies. So, enough talk and on to some pictures : )




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