Pretty Pink Flowers

The church I attend is one of the many North American churches that celebrate a Pastor Appreciation Day during the month of October each year.  I don’t think that I have mentioned before that my hubby is a pastor — of the church that I attend of course. So, this past Sunday we were called to the front of the church to be publically thanked for all that we do through the year. We received a gift card for The Keg — they have the best steaks — my mouth is watering just thinking about them — we will have to go soon. They also gave us some beautiful pink flowers. I took  pictures of those flowers today so that I could share them with you — hope you enjoy their gorgeous color : ) 




Gidget likes the flowers too.



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2 responses to “Pretty Pink Flowers

  1. AB

    awww…Gidget…I miss Gidget. Give her a meow for me.

  2. sparklepetal

    What lovely gerberas! I like the sound of a Pastor Appreciation Day – and I bet our minister (and his wife) would like it too!