I Hope You’ll Miss Me : )

If you have ever moved you know that is is very time consuming and can create a fair amount of stress. I haven’t actually moved to a new house, but I feel like I am putting in almost as much time as though I did and I am definitely feeling that stress. About a month ago hubby and I decided to sub-divide a part of our house for someone else to live in. The idea had been in the back of our minds since we first moved into this house. The house is larger than we really need now that there is only 2 of us (and the 2 cats of course). When we started I didn’t think it would be very much work — just consolidate the 2 bathrooms into one, move hubby’s office kind of stuff to a room upstairs, empty out 2 closets,  re-arrange the kitchen so that we can share it,  install a door on each side of the kitchen and put in a gravel path so that we can use the front door without having to walk through the grass. I often under-estimate how much work a project will be when I start — you would think I would remember from one project to the next, but for some reason I always forget.  To my amazement there was a LOT of stuff in those closets that had to find a new home which led to moving things around in other rooms and building shelves — it kinda feels like someone turned my house inside out. I have moved many times in the last 30 years so I am really quite good at organizing and packing things into boxes and making sure that everything is nicely labeled (sometimes even color-coded to what room boxes go into), but this has been very different — definitely NOT organized — actually quite hodgepodge.

You have probably noticed that my blogging in the last few weeks has been rather sporadic and not very creative — well now you know why. So, I am going to give myself a break for the next 2-3 weeks to work at getting my house back in order. My daughter is coming home from Illinois for Christmas and right now you can’t even get into the guest room, so I really need to focus and get things cleaned up and orderly. I  would much rather spend my time blogging and doing other creative things — but I really must be diciplined for a while and get my work done. I know that what we are doing is a good thing and I don’t regret it, but I definitely was clueless as to how much work it would be and to how long it would take.

So, I do hope you will miss me while I am gone — I plan to be back early in December — time seems to fly by so fast these days. I will leave you with a couple pictures of baby cuteness and two other things that I will tell you about when I get back : )









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5 responses to “I Hope You’ll Miss Me : )

  1. susan

    *Merry* Christmas*

  2. You sure are sticking to your resolution! Hope you’re getting lots done!

  3. Yes, I’ll miss your entries, but hope you get lots accomplished in the next few weeks as you focus on what needs to get done.

  4. Oh, and that baby! What sweetness!

  5. I will miss you, but I am proud of you for deciding to make what you really need to do a priority. I’ve been feeling the need to set some priorities myself!
    You’ll come back with a (Sunday) smile on your face and a To Do list that’s all checked off! You go, girl!