Free To A Good Home

While out and about with hubby on Monday I came across this sign.

Your first thought was probably that someone was giving away kittens or puppies — but, no it was something else.

The sign was for free Christmas trees.

But, these were not your normal size tree — they were little baby trees — only 2 or 3 feet tall.  I wanted to bring one home just because they were so cute and they were FREE : )

I am sure that they were the cast-offs that no one would buy so the store hoped that if they were free maybe someone would take them home and save them the trouble of getting rid of them after Christmas. It was a very good idea really — I felt sorry for the little trees and did seriously — for a minute — think about bringing one home — but, then I thought about the mess the needles would make in the car and house — which is why we went with an artificial tree this year — and I left those poor little trees out in the cold. I hope that someone else gave them a good home.

My time away from blogging was longer than I expected. I should be back now — at least a couple of times a week. Thank-you to those who told me that you did miss me. I have been popping in to visit my favorite blogs and although I haven’t left any comments, I have enjoyed following along with everyone’s Christmas preparations.

So — MERRY CHRISTMAS ! ! !  I hope that you all have a wonderful day : )



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2 responses to “Free To A Good Home

  1. You’re back! Yeah!!!

  2. sparklepetal

    Nice to hear from you, I hope you’re all set up for a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Wishing you every blessing this season,

    SparklePetal x