Hilarious Christmas Gifts

Hubby and I could not figure out what to buy each other for Christmas this year — we had decided to stop trying to surprise each other and instead would talk about it together and then would buy something that we would both enjoy. This plan worked last year, but this year, although we had a few ideas nothing was quite right. We were just going to wait until we thought of something even if that meant nothing under the tree for each other.

I just couldn’t do it — on Christmas Eve morning I started to feel this sad feeling that Christmas was not going to have any fun in it without a present for hubby and me — so I decided that hubby and me would go to the dollar store that afternoon and buy 10 things each to give to the other. I didn’t give hubby a choice — I just told him that we were doing it. He was very agreeable though. So — off we went to the mall on Christmas Eve afternoon to become some of those last minute shoppers. We took turns in the store, carefully choosing our gifts that we later wrapped and put under the tree to open on Christmas day.

We are past the stage of getting up early because it is Christmas and instead enjoy sleeping in. Then we have some coffee cake and eggs before we open gifts. Our daughter is home with us for the holidays and she did give us some more serious gifts — very nice gifts that we really appreciate and then we took turns opening our dollar store gifts. Here are some pictures to show you how much fun we had. My daughter took lots of pictures, but many of them turned out blurry because we were laughing so hard — so here is what I can show you.

A monster to build.

A monster look-a-like : )

What is it ? ? ?

One funny bird for me . . .

another funny bird for me.

Playing leap-frog together.

A little glimpse of how hard we were laughing.

We were very happy with our gift to each other this year — the gift of fun and laughter together — it will give me happy thoughts for a long time. And with the money we have left maybe we will go out some place nice for dinner together — sounds good to me : )



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4 responses to “Hilarious Christmas Gifts

  1. Oh, fun!! The laughter was worth it . . . and your dinner together will be too. Love the “monster” pics : )!

  2. What a great and fun idea! I love it!

  3. A gift of laughter, that sounds wonderful!

  4. susan

    What a delightful blog! I smiled through the whole thing! I LOVE the idea of small, fun, inexpensive gifts! And the laughter…you just can’t beat that! Thanks for sharing your joy!