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Mailbox Monday

I think this is a creative way to hold the mailbox — it should keep the snowplow from knocking the mailbox off of it’s post : )


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Time To Smile — It’s Sunday


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Fun At Gramma’s House

My grandson came to visit today so Mommy and Daddy could have a little break. He is 4 months old  and such a cutie : ) 

C. is still kinda small for this and not quite into the jumping idea yet, but he did seem to enjoy just hanging around for awhile.

The other side of this has lights that flash along with the music that plays when the toys are kicked — I had to move the toys because his legs didn’t quite reach yet.  C. enjoyed the music and the lights. The blanket he is laying on was made by my Nanny for C’s Daddy when he was a baby — I am sure she would be happy to see the next generation using it : )

C. also enjoyed the Dr. Suess book that I read to him — “There’s A Wocket In My Pocket”. It’s a fun book of silly rhymes.


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Some More New Friends

I am having so much fun making these little critters. They are cute and colorful and soft and squishy and don’t take very long to make — what’s not to love about them? I even got to spend an afternoon shopping for funky socks — I think that from now on I will look at socks a little differently — I will be seeing more than just a sock — I will be seeing the potential of what kind of critter they could be. 

This little bunny is hubby’s favorite so far.

This little piggy is a bit unbalanced and falls on his nose if I don’t sit him just right.

This funny guy is made from an old outfit I found packed away, rather than from a sock. He has a rather cute backside too : )

The inspiration for this cutie came from here. They are all so adorable.

I just finished this one last night. A friend who was shopping with me when I was buying socks picked these out because the stars gave him a ready-made face. I think he turned out pretty cute too. I know that there are those who would think that these critters made from socks and stuff are not cute at all, rather really quite odd looking — but, I as their creator am quite happy with them — enjoying both the process and the finished creation. It is all really good therapy for these dark, dull days of winter that we have now in my part of the world.

Of course we must have a group shot of everyone together — all smiling so nice for the camera.

I wonder what I will make next ?


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A Blanket For Emily

Do you remember this from a post in November?  At that time my plan was to make a ripple blanket for myself, using Lucy’s pattern. I love the look of ripple crochet and once I correctly followed the directions (my first few attempts didn’t look very ripply — they just looked lumpy) found it very easy to do — without a lot of concentration — quite relaxing. I was looking forward to a colorful ripply blanket for me. 

But — after several attempts I found that I just didn’t like the ripple blanket that was supposed to be for me. I was choosing the color for each row randomly and even though I liked each of the colors separately, I didn’t like them once I put them together into ripples.  So —  after unraveling my ripples  — I started over and made a Granny Square  blanket for a little girl that I know. I was pleased with this blanket for Emily and I will make myself a ripple some other time.  Emily said that the blanket was  BEAUTIFUL : )  Of course you want to see some pictures of this beautiful blanket and of course I wouldn’t want to disappoint you — so here they are.


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Mailbox Monday

This mailbox is made from a boat motor — how is that for being unique?

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Sunday Smiles Again

I’m in the mood for some tea and cake — how about you?

Hope you have a great day : )

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