Making Some New Friends This Year

Earlier this week while reading blogs I stumbled across someone making something for The Toy Society. I was instantly hooked and added my name to their list. I have long admired the cute and funky stuffed toys that others make, but hesitated to make any myself because I didn’t know what I would do with them once I made them. So — I have been playing with socks and gloves and bits of fabric and felt and embroidery thread — and I have been having a lot of fun : ) I think there is still a lot of kid inside me that just wants to do something silly and fun and colorful and soft and quirky — and then to say “Hey, look what I made!” You will be hearing more about these new friends of mine — there are lots of them waiting to be created. Then there is the plotting of where to ‘drop’ them — but that is a story for another day. So — what you have been waiting for — pictures of my first group of new friends.



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4 responses to “Making Some New Friends This Year

  1. Totally adorable!! Love all the quirkiness and cuteness that are coming out in your individual creations! Some kid is going to love these. My personal favorite is the white bunny with the orange touches : )!!

  2. sparklepetal

    I particularly like the rabbit with the orange scarf and buttons. He’s a real cutie!

  3. Janine

    I like the orange guy – he reminds of me “Hungry” from “weight watchers fame”!!! He’s my fave commercial character at the moment!!!!