A Blanket For Emily

Do you remember this from a post in November?  At that time my plan was to make a ripple blanket for myself, using Lucy’s pattern. I love the look of ripple crochet and once I correctly followed the directions (my first few attempts didn’t look very ripply — they just looked lumpy) found it very easy to do — without a lot of concentration — quite relaxing. I was looking forward to a colorful ripply blanket for me. 

But — after several attempts I found that I just didn’t like the ripple blanket that was supposed to be for me. I was choosing the color for each row randomly and even though I liked each of the colors separately, I didn’t like them once I put them together into ripples.  So —  after unraveling my ripples  — I started over and made a Granny Square  blanket for a little girl that I know. I was pleased with this blanket for Emily and I will make myself a ripple some other time.  Emily said that the blanket was  BEAUTIFUL : )  Of course you want to see some pictures of this beautiful blanket and of course I wouldn’t want to disappoint you — so here they are.



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3 responses to “A Blanket For Emily

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Soft and sweet. I love the picture where you photographed it from the side and we get to see the little ruffles contrasted with the grannies. Lovely!

  2. sparklepetal

    Oh well done! This blanket is beautiful and Emily is one very lucky girl! I especially like that ruffly-fluffly edging. I wonder when I will get the urge to make something big from crochet?

  3. Hi – I found your blog through Becky at the Butler’s Wife. I love your beautiful ripple stitch blanket – it reminds me of one my mother made for me when I left home to go to college – I still use it!
    I especially love the colors you used. I am really into knitting right now but after seeing yours, I might have to find my crochet hook again!