Some More New Friends

I am having so much fun making these little critters. They are cute and colorful and soft and squishy and don’t take very long to make — what’s not to love about them? I even got to spend an afternoon shopping for funky socks — I think that from now on I will look at socks a little differently — I will be seeing more than just a sock — I will be seeing the potential of what kind of critter they could be. 

This little bunny is hubby’s favorite so far.

This little piggy is a bit unbalanced and falls on his nose if I don’t sit him just right.

This funny guy is made from an old outfit I found packed away, rather than from a sock. He has a rather cute backside too : )

The inspiration for this cutie came from here. They are all so adorable.

I just finished this one last night. A friend who was shopping with me when I was buying socks picked these out because the stars gave him a ready-made face. I think he turned out pretty cute too. I know that there are those who would think that these critters made from socks and stuff are not cute at all, rather really quite odd looking — but, I as their creator am quite happy with them — enjoying both the process and the finished creation. It is all really good therapy for these dark, dull days of winter that we have now in my part of the world.

Of course we must have a group shot of everyone together — all smiling so nice for the camera.

I wonder what I will make next ?



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8 responses to “Some More New Friends

  1. they are absolutely lovable, amazing choice of fabrics, too!

  2. They are just the most gorgeous bunch – I thought every one was going to be my favourite as I scrolled down the page. I do Love the piggy and your guy is super cute with his colourful hair.

  3. Oh those are just adorable! I think I love the bunny best too – or maybe the snowman with the purple hat. I think they are all so sweet. I love being creative and making things. Especially during the winter time – I just HAVE to make things. It meets a need deep down in my soul and brings such peaceful feelings. I like to think God felt that way when He created the world!
    Your sweet little grandbaby is adorable too!

  4. AB

    My favorite is the purple hat…I love the scarf…I also love the quirky, just there mouth. But the others are quite adorable too. You are getting the hang of it! Hey, you might even be able to make a non-patterned blanket after all this out-of-the-box creativity : )

  5. My favourite one is the snowman – and I love the hair on the yellow guy! Making these characters wouldn’t be my thing, but thanks for sharing the pictures so I can enjoy yours!

  6. Oh, these are just great. That pig had me howling with laughter . . . especially when he tipped onto his nose. So adorably cute!

  7. Janine

    FANTASTIC!!!! – I love the little purple hat and of couse the guy with the stars in his eyes!!!!

    There’s socks on sale at Zeller’s! I was there the other day and thought of you as I walked past the aisle!