Fun At Gramma’s House

My grandson came to visit today so Mommy and Daddy could have a little break. He is 4 months old  and such a cutie : ) 

C. is still kinda small for this and not quite into the jumping idea yet, but he did seem to enjoy just hanging around for awhile.

The other side of this has lights that flash along with the music that plays when the toys are kicked — I had to move the toys because his legs didn’t quite reach yet.  C. enjoyed the music and the lights. The blanket he is laying on was made by my Nanny for C’s Daddy when he was a baby — I am sure she would be happy to see the next generation using it : )

C. also enjoyed the Dr. Suess book that I read to him — “There’s A Wocket In My Pocket”. It’s a fun book of silly rhymes.



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4 responses to “Fun At Gramma’s House

  1. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning and making such nice comments! I agree with Cathleen – being a grandparent is the best thing going. Loved look at your collection of softies, too. It’s hard to stop, isn’t it?
    Have a lovely day, new friend.

  2. Oh, how precious! What a treat. I could just eat that baby up!!

  3. What a sweetie pie. Isn’t being a grandmother the best thing in the whole wide world?

  4. susan! 4 months old already? He’s got the most adorable button nose in that profile pic! Don’t you just love hanging around with him?!