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Sunday Smiles

Hubby and I had a friendly little game of  Rummy while having supper ar our local Taco Bell recently. We keep this deck of cards in the car glove compartment for times such as these — gives us a bit of together time with our economy meal : )



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10 Pounds

It has been a while since I’ve been able to post any baby pictures — but today I was able to take some that I can show you. Little C. is now just over 10 pounds (he started at only 4 1/2) —  every one of them is adorable and very much loved by me — Gramma : )  I get to spend time with him every Friday afternoon while mommy goes to Curves to workout and sometimes when Daddy and Mommy want to go out together  — I  take turns with the other Nana for those times and she gets Mondays while mommy works out. Even though it means  I have to share, I am glad that little C. has two sets of grandparents living close enough to see him often. So now for the pictures — you are going to love them.

This toy is the first that he is really able to hold onto and even get it into his mouth to chew on — great for those teeth that are trying to break through.

Some snuggles with Gramma before nap time : )


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A Soft and Stuffy Kitty Cat

I made this Kitty on Saturday. On Sunday she went home with a lady from church  — one look at the expression on her face when I showed it to her and I knew that they belonged together.

This was my first time making something from an upcycled sweater — the body is a sleeve with the cuff at the neck. The head is a scrap of velour — the hands and feet are the fingers from a glove. I am pleased with how she turned out and will have to make another one with the other sleeve — maybe I will be able to keep it a little longer : )

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My Hubby Loves Me

Hubby came home today with a special little something for me — just to tell me he loves me : )

He is really quite a nice guy — that Hubby of mine — he loves me and I love him!


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My First Matryoshka Doll

I got very happy excited when Snipsnaphappy posted a Matryoshka Doll Tutorial yesterday. I had to make one right away — and I will have to make some more. My first doll has a few minor flaws, but I am sure my skill will improve with practice.

She is really quite a plain looking doll, but I think that she is supposed to be a simple country girl.

The tutorial said to paint the face features, but I embroidered mine instead. The mouth is a little heavy so I will use less thread next time. I used ink from my scrapbbooking stash for her cheeks.

Here she is showing off one more time. What do you think of her?


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Mailbox Monday

This mailbox is not really that unique but the setting of it is.

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Buttons On Sunday Make Me Smile

Actually buttons make me smile on any day of the week — have you noticed my new blog header? I am one of those people that gets all happy inside just looking at colorful buttons and if I get to play with them and sort them I get really, really happy. If you are one of those people who share my love of buttons you know what I mean — if you are not one of those people then you think we are all just a little bit crazy — maybe we are, but we are happy : )

While reading my favorite blogs this week I saw a picture that just had to be in one of my Sunday Smiles posts. The original can be found here. I was given permission by the author of My Sewing Serenity to use her picture. She has a great blog and would love for you to pop in for a visit. So, now here is the picture you have been waiting to see.

What could be better than that — buttons and a smiley face in the same picture — it definitely makes me smile. How about you?


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