Late — But Not Forgotten

I promised more pictures of my stuffed friends — my daughter even reminded me on Friday that the week was almost over and there were no pictures. So, here they are as promised — a little later than I planned, but not forgotten : )

I like this one’s smile.

This one posed both back and front for his picture.

These two insisted on having their picture taken together — they may only be socks, but they do have a mind of their own you know.

I put a lot of creative energy into this group of 3 and I am quite happy with how they turned out. I made the green guy first so his arms are shorter than the others, but he has a tooth to make up for his short arms. They are cute enough that they deserve another picture I think.

Do you like my 3 guys?


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One response to “Late — But Not Forgotten

  1. Oh I do like those last three guys – a lot! They look like they could have their own cartoon show!
    Good work!