10 Pounds

It has been a while since I’ve been able to post any baby pictures — but today I was able to take some that I can show you. Little C. is now just over 10 pounds (he started at only 4 1/2) —  every one of them is adorable and very much loved by me — Gramma : )  I get to spend time with him every Friday afternoon while mommy goes to Curves to workout and sometimes when Daddy and Mommy want to go out together  — I  take turns with the other Nana for those times and she gets Mondays while mommy works out. Even though it means  I have to share, I am glad that little C. has two sets of grandparents living close enough to see him often. So now for the pictures — you are going to love them.

This toy is the first that he is really able to hold onto and even get it into his mouth to chew on — great for those teeth that are trying to break through.

Some snuggles with Gramma before nap time : )



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2 responses to “10 Pounds

  1. sparklepetal

    Bless him! Hasn’t he grown? The months just seem to fly past with babies!