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Lots Of Bunnies

The first few Stuffy Friends that I made were bunnies and for awhile I just kept making mostly bunnies. If I counted them right — it is hard to count while they are hopping about — I have made a total of 36 sock bunnies and there are 5 more waiting to be stuffed. That’s a lot of bunnies. I do warn you that sock bunny making can be addictive — so think carefully before you make your first one  and don’t say I didn’t warn you : ) Bunnies can be made in various ways and in any color that you can find in a sock. Bunny making does give you a reason to buy all those funky socks that you think are cool, but would never actually wear. So now for the pictures that you have been waiting for. I was nice and grouped some bunnies together so you will still have time to do something else today : )

Hope you have a Hip-Happy-Hoppy Day : 0 )



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More Stuffy Friends

Today’s pictures are of some quirky characters. They are fun to make and fun to look at. These have no pattern and each one is definitely unique.

This one’s head seemed a little short, so I decided to make the next one a bit longer.

You just gotta laugh when you see that face : )

Have a great day!

The next post will be all about bunnies and bunnies and more bunnies — you did know that they multiply very fast — didn’t you?


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I Now Have 82 Stuffy Friends

I haven’t been putting much time into my blog the last little while because I have been making LOTS of my Stuffy Friends. They are so much fun — it is hard to stop.  But I decided that it’s about time I show you what I’ve been up to — don’t worry I won’t show you them all — at least not all at once : ) Normally I am a person who likes to follow a pattern and know exactly what I am making when I start, but with my stuffies I have been challenging myself to change. I am cutting some things without any pattern at all and each one kind of evolves as I work on it. This is a real stretch for me — the kid who got A’s in kindergarten for coloring inside the lines so well, but I actually am quite enjoying it.

I just  discovered the idea of felting sweaters and am really enjoying working with them. This is another change for me. Until now I pretty much only used cotton fabric — except way back when — when every thing was made of polyester — the dresses I made and wore in high school — I am definitely dating myself with that revelation : )

This guy has a great pair of glasses.

This one is a little sleepy —

and he has a very soft heart made from an angora sweater.

This one may not be the best looking of the bunch, but I really like him because I did the embroidery without drawing anything first. Once I got started I loved the freedom in making it up as I did it — I can’t wait until I can do it again. I was inspired by the book, Doodle-Stitching by Aimee Ray.

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Funky New Header

My Mom was playing with this picture I  sent her —

and turned it into this —

from which I made my new blog header. Pretty Cool I think : )


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Now They Are Gone

I took these pictures last Sunday — February 28 — and am just now getting around to posting them. I thought about not bothering because they are ‘old news’ now, but decided that I really did want to share them. This first one was just one house over on our road. I  saw it on Saturday evening when it was too dark to take a picture and when I stopped by on Sunday afternoon to do so the makers told me it had already shrunk a foot, but he was still very tall. We had a major dump of wet snow on Friday so Saturday was the perfect snowman making day, but then it was very warm on Sunday and things were melting fast. We have had a week of very warm days which means the snow is pretty much gone now — we got very little snow this year — I just hope we don’t get it in April — it has happened before : )

He was showing his support for the Canadian Olympics Hockey Team : )

This snowman caught my eye as we were driving to get lunch — I think it was the orange hat and that he was so big. Then when I got out of the car to take the picture I realized that he was a 2-sided snowman. I have never seen a snowman like this before — Have you?

I have been busy making lots of stuffy friends. I now have 60 finished and ready to go — will post some pictures soon.

I have also started an Etsy shop to sell a few of my creations to help cover the cost of the ones going to the Phillipines. I do have a few things listed and have some more almost ready. For me it is one more ‘computery’ thing to learn so it will take me a little time to get it looking the way I would like it to. My wonderful daughter made my shop banner — she is really good at that kind of thing. I will tell you the story behind the shop name another day.

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Sunday Smiles

Today I bring you more smiley food — it amazes me at how many people play with their food : )

I should be back with more smiles next Sunday and I plan to post this week as well. Have a great day.

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