I Now Have 82 Stuffy Friends

I haven’t been putting much time into my blog the last little while because I have been making LOTS of my Stuffy Friends. They are so much fun — it is hard to stop.  But I decided that it’s about time I show you what I’ve been up to — don’t worry I won’t show you them all — at least not all at once : ) Normally I am a person who likes to follow a pattern and know exactly what I am making when I start, but with my stuffies I have been challenging myself to change. I am cutting some things without any pattern at all and each one kind of evolves as I work on it. This is a real stretch for me — the kid who got A’s in kindergarten for coloring inside the lines so well, but I actually am quite enjoying it.

I just  discovered the idea of felting sweaters and am really enjoying working with them. This is another change for me. Until now I pretty much only used cotton fabric — except way back when — when every thing was made of polyester — the dresses I made and wore in high school — I am definitely dating myself with that revelation : )

This guy has a great pair of glasses.

This one is a little sleepy —

and he has a very soft heart made from an angora sweater.

This one may not be the best looking of the bunch, but I really like him because I did the embroidery without drawing anything first. Once I got started I loved the freedom in making it up as I did it — I can’t wait until I can do it again. I was inspired by the book, Doodle-Stitching by Aimee Ray.


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