Good Friday Stroll

Here in Canada,  Good Friday is a holiday so hubby and I got to spend some extra time together. First we checked out 2 craft sales and then we took a stroll by the Hamilton waterfront. It was a very warm day and there were lots of people enjoying their day off by the water. Hubby even flew his little kite that he keeps in the car for just such occasions. So here are a few pictures to document our stroll.

This cool looking beaver was in the entrance way of  the Parks Canada Discovery Centre. It looks like an interesting place to visit sometime.

Any ideas of what this is?

Does this help?

Here is the whole picture.

The sun was sparkling on the water.

The swans were enjoying the afternoon as well.

Happy Easter : )



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2 responses to “Good Friday Stroll

  1. What a cool sculpture!! Love those swans. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Jill

    Nice to hear from you – I’ve missed your posts. :o) Happy Good Friday!