Stopping In To Say Hi : )

Hi there — have you missed me? My life has been somewhat unsettled for awhile so I haven’t been blogging much. Among other things I have been busy making Stuffy Friends, getting ready for a Mom 2 Mom sale on Saturday. I am hoping that after the sale I will have more time to blog — but, then I am also re-thinking the whole blog idea. I am trying to decide why it is that I blog and is it something that I want to be putting my time into. I do like the feeling of having friends in blogland, the sharing that happens and I like the challenge of expressing myself in writing — so why does it sometimes  feel like it is just another chore on my To-Do list?

I don’t think that I will totally disappear, but I am considering my options. I may just need to re-focus and decide what it is I really want to blog about. When I read other’s blogs I am  inspired by their creativity, I love the beautiful pictures they post and I enjoy the many interesting stories of their lives. I feel like I am not alone — there are others out there who like the  same things I do or go through the same struggles that I do. Maybe I should be just a blog reader and not be a blog writer.

It is very late and I must go to bed, but I want to leave you with a question —  What about you –why do you blog?



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2 responses to “Stopping In To Say Hi : )

  1. Amy Beth

    Hey everybody and anybody,
    I was going to hijack my mom’s blog today to wish her a happy birthday, but it seems I am no longer on the author list : ( Maybe she got suspicious. But hopefully some of you will see this comment and wish her a happy birthday anyways.
    I love you mom.

  2. Hi Betty Anne

    I love your blog. It is so you. Your pictures and stories are refreshing. Reading your blog almost always puts a smile on my face.

    Please don’t stop.