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A Soft and Stuffy Kitty Cat

I made this Kitty on Saturday. On Sunday she went home with a lady from church  — one look at the expression on her face when I showed it to her and I knew that they belonged together.

This was my first time making something from an upcycled sweater — the body is a sleeve with the cuff at the neck. The head is a scrap of velour — the hands and feet are the fingers from a glove. I am pleased with how she turned out and will have to make another one with the other sleeve — maybe I will be able to keep it a little longer : )


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My First Matryoshka Doll

I got very happy excited when Snipsnaphappy posted a Matryoshka Doll Tutorial yesterday. I had to make one right away — and I will have to make some more. My first doll has a few minor flaws, but I am sure my skill will improve with practice.

She is really quite a plain looking doll, but I think that she is supposed to be a simple country girl.

The tutorial said to paint the face features, but I embroidered mine instead. The mouth is a little heavy so I will use less thread next time. I used ink from my scrapbbooking stash for her cheeks.

Here she is showing off one more time. What do you think of her?


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Receiving Blankets and Burp Cloths

Most of the baby flannel has been made into some soft and cozy receiving blankets and colorful burp cloths for that special baby of mine. I was told tonight that they are already being used and enjoyed.


Bear is quite pleased with the receiving blankets.


Matching burp cloths.


I still have  not gotten to hold my beautiful grandson — the neo-natal unit started  restricting visits  to only parents  because there are so many cases of swine flu in our community. My patience is being stetched big time — when I finally get to hold him I may never put him down.  I am very grateful for digital cameras — at least I am able to see pictures when I can’t visit. I may have to get a part time job just to pay for all the pictures I am printing : )

Late Friday night he was moved to a different hospital. This means that he no longer is in intensive care —  he just needs to remain stable and get his weight up. He had his first real bath just before the big move and he is wearing his own clothes now. This other hospital doesn’t have the same restriction because of the swine flu so if all goes well hubby and I are going to visit this evening and I will finally get to hold and cuddle my first grandson — I’ll keep you posted.


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Baby Soft Flannel


The cushions I was recovering for my daughter-in-law’s glider rocker  are finished, so now I can start a new — more fun, sewing project. I am going to make  receiving blankets and some burp cloths for my new grandson. I bought 5 adorable baby boy prints yesterday that I have washed and dried — I just love the soft and cozy feel of flannel : )

Baby Flannel and Ottawa St

I will post pictures of the finished project another day.

I parked at the opposite end of Ottawa Street this time and found some more cool stuff that I hadn’t seen on either of my last 2 visits this month — thimbles and spools of thread.

There are 3 thimbles around this garden area.


There is a whole row of these spools of thread separating  a rest area from a parking lot.



He is continuing to do well and getting stronger every day. The doctors are already talking about transferring him out of the neo-natal unit. I think I better stop blogging and get those receiving blankets and burp cloths sewn and ready to be used — he might be home much sooner than originally expected. I think  we may have a hard time keeping up with this little guy — he seems to do everything in a hurry — I am sure  that our lives will never be boring : )

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Labor (Day) Of Love

In April of this year my son and daughter-in-law bought their first house. The house was painted a bright yellow with blue trim and not to their liking so they wanted to get it painted before winter. They had gotten some of it done over the last couple of  weekends when it wasn’t raining and were hoping to finish it on Labor Day weekend if the weather co-operated. The weather looked good so hubby volunteered to help. The three of them worked very hard and by the end of the day the house was finished — except for a bit of trim that needed a second coat.


Here you can see some of the original colors.


This is hubby hard at work. What a great guy!

My job for the day was a bit different. I brought my sewing machine for the job of altering my daughter-in-law’s shirts for work. The place she works doesn’t have maternity shirts so they just gave her some bigger sizes. That worked o.k. to go from small to medium, but now that she was about to pop the buttons of the medium she wanted me to put a panel in the side to give more room gor her growing tummy. (The next size shirts were way too big in the shoulders.) I wasn’t sure if I could do it and still have them look good enough to wear, but amazingly I did. I finished my job of altering 3 shirts about the same time they finished painting the house.

We celebrated with steak cooked on the barbeque, yummy corn-on-the-cob and a peach raspberry pie bought at the market where I bought the corn.


The pie was very good — served with some french vanilla ice cream — mmmm : )

I did have a few minutes break to go out and take pictures of some flowers in their amazing variety of color, shape and size.


These tiny purple flowers are at the front of the house by the sidewalk. I have always loved these delicate flowers, but have never been sucessful in growing them myself.


These funky orange ones were hanging over the fence from the neighbor’s yard.


These bright yellow flowers were also on the neighbors side of the fence. I had never seen a yellow cone-flower before.


And these are not flowers at all but eggplant. The rest of the garden was pretty much finished — had been eaten and enjoyed — but the eggplant was just waiting for me to take it’s picture.

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Back To Ottawa Street

I had to make a second trip to Ottawa St. to replace the fabric that I bought for another project I am working on. The first piece I bought — even though I really like it — was just not the right color for this project (I will show you the project another day). This time I took a friend with me to make sure that I got it right and I did.

In the past Ottawa St. was pretty much all fabric stores, but recently a number of antique stores have been popping up. My friend and I checked out 2 of them. In the first one — Maverick Antiques — I bought these.


Here is a close up mosaic. I have a real love affair with doilies — it was hard to only pick these 4.

Back to Ottawa St

I didn’t buy anything at the second store — Molly’s Back Porch — but, I did take pictures of this.


This is not for sale but is hanging in the store as a conversation piece. It is just felt that has LOTS of buttons sewn onto it. I absolutely love it and want to make one for myself — on a much smaller scale though. The picture above is quite fuzzy because it was cropped to get just the button hanging — I wanted to show how long it is. The next picture was taken in 2 parts so you can see the details.

Back to Ottawa St1

I already have a button collection, but I may have to add some to it before I start one of these for myself — that is not a hardship though — I really like buttons — they come in so many colors, and shapes and sizes — just like flowers!

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Ottawa Street

In the city near where I live there is a street that is just full of fabric stores. There are stores with quilting fabric, drapery and upolstery fabric, bridal fabric and fabric to make dance costumes. I am sure if there is any other kind of fabric you could find it on Ottawa Street as well. I was there recently to buy fabric to recover the cushions of a glider rocking chair that had been given to my daughter-in-law. There were a couple of new signs put up since the last time I was there — they are very appropiate for a street that has so many fabric stores.


Notice the buttons at the bottom of the community bulletin board.


The bright colored rings near the base of this sign caught my eye and then — I looked up — I am impressed with the creativity in this sign. The next 2 pictures are close-ups to show you more detail.



By the way, I found some great fabric for the cushions in exactly the right color for only $2.00 a yard. I bought 5 yards which is more than enough — just in case I make any mistakes — and I got it all for a bargain price.

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