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Some more evidence that my hubby loves me : )



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Happy New Year !

At the grocery store today something caught my attention and told me that it wanted to go home with me. I ignored it at first and went on with my shopping — but, as I was leaving my resistence failed me and I bought it. I think that my low level of resistence may have something to do with reading Lucy’s post yesterday — seeing all of her pictures of flowers made me want some of my own color to look at up close.

I took a picture of how pretty my flower looked sitting in bright colored tissue paper and then of course I took a few more after I took it out of the box.

Later tonight hubby and I are going to light some candles and enjoy some fruit with chocolate dip — mmmm : )  I am not sure if we will stay up long enough to greet the new year, but that’s o.k. — it will be 2010 when we wake up in the morning whether we greet it at midnight or not. 

2009 was a very full year for me and seems to have passed very quickly. There were some big changes with my daughter moving to Illinois and my son and daughter-in-law having a baby — which means that I became a Gramma for the first time. I would have to say that the highlight of this past year is my grandson, so I will end this year with some pictures of baby cuteness.

Such tiny fingers compared to Grampa’s hand.

Snuggle time with Gramma — that’s me : )

Letting his voice be heard.

Some floor time while trying out new shirt from Aunty.

See you all next year ! ! !


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Pretty Pink Flowers

The church I attend is one of the many North American churches that celebrate a Pastor Appreciation Day during the month of October each year.  I don’t think that I have mentioned before that my hubby is a pastor — of the church that I attend of course. So, this past Sunday we were called to the front of the church to be publically thanked for all that we do through the year. We received a gift card for The Keg — they have the best steaks — my mouth is watering just thinking about them — we will have to go soon. They also gave us some beautiful pink flowers. I took  pictures of those flowers today so that I could share them with you — hope you enjoy their gorgeous color : ) 




Gidget likes the flowers too.


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Labor (Day) Of Love

In April of this year my son and daughter-in-law bought their first house. The house was painted a bright yellow with blue trim and not to their liking so they wanted to get it painted before winter. They had gotten some of it done over the last couple of  weekends when it wasn’t raining and were hoping to finish it on Labor Day weekend if the weather co-operated. The weather looked good so hubby volunteered to help. The three of them worked very hard and by the end of the day the house was finished — except for a bit of trim that needed a second coat.


Here you can see some of the original colors.


This is hubby hard at work. What a great guy!

My job for the day was a bit different. I brought my sewing machine for the job of altering my daughter-in-law’s shirts for work. The place she works doesn’t have maternity shirts so they just gave her some bigger sizes. That worked o.k. to go from small to medium, but now that she was about to pop the buttons of the medium she wanted me to put a panel in the side to give more room gor her growing tummy. (The next size shirts were way too big in the shoulders.) I wasn’t sure if I could do it and still have them look good enough to wear, but amazingly I did. I finished my job of altering 3 shirts about the same time they finished painting the house.

We celebrated with steak cooked on the barbeque, yummy corn-on-the-cob and a peach raspberry pie bought at the market where I bought the corn.


The pie was very good — served with some french vanilla ice cream — mmmm : )

I did have a few minutes break to go out and take pictures of some flowers in their amazing variety of color, shape and size.


These tiny purple flowers are at the front of the house by the sidewalk. I have always loved these delicate flowers, but have never been sucessful in growing them myself.


These funky orange ones were hanging over the fence from the neighbor’s yard.


These bright yellow flowers were also on the neighbors side of the fence. I had never seen a yellow cone-flower before.


And these are not flowers at all but eggplant. The rest of the garden was pretty much finished — had been eaten and enjoyed — but the eggplant was just waiting for me to take it’s picture.

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Red Hibiscus (I Think)


While driving to my son and daughter-in-law’s house on Monday this week I spotted this plant. Several years ago I had one like it that only flowered for one year and I don’t recall seeing one since. So,  you know what I had to do — take a picture of course! The color is intense and the flowers are so BIG. Flowers amaze me with their  great variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  God was certainly in a very creative mood on the day he made flowers. 


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Fall Mums




In the part of Ontario where I live you know that Summer is coming to an end and Fall is almost here when you see the displays of ‘Mums’ for sale everywhere you go. I took these pictures in front of a Walmart while out shopping on Tuesday. You can also see them at the garden centers, supermarkets and small conveinence stores. They really do make a nice colorful display to greet you as you enter the store. In the city close to where I live they have a Mum Festival in November with beautiful arrangements of every variety and color of Mum that exists. It is quite impressive to see.

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Pink Turtleheads

I think that is a rather odd name for a flower, but it is a very nice flower despite it’s funny name. I started with one plant a few years ago and now these pink turtleheads fill quite a space in my garden. I even gave some to my son this Spring.


They are late bloomers so they are just now starting to show off their pretty pink flowers. Their name comes from the fact that they look a little like the head of a turtle. If you squeeze them they open up similiar to snapdragons — so I guess they are ‘snapping turtles’.


There are a number of buds that flower at the top of a tall leafy stem.


This picture was taken 2 days after the first one and already there are a lot more buds opening up — soon there will be a very nice pink patch in my garden.

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