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Some more evidence that my hubby loves me : )



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Good Friday Stroll

Here in Canada,  Good Friday is a holiday so hubby and I got to spend some extra time together. First we checked out 2 craft sales and then we took a stroll by the Hamilton waterfront. It was a very warm day and there were lots of people enjoying their day off by the water. Hubby even flew his little kite that he keeps in the car for just such occasions. So here are a few pictures to document our stroll.

This cool looking beaver was in the entrance way of  the Parks Canada Discovery Centre. It looks like an interesting place to visit sometime.

Any ideas of what this is?

Does this help?

Here is the whole picture.

The sun was sparkling on the water.

The swans were enjoying the afternoon as well.

Happy Easter : )


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Sunday Smiles

Hubby and I had a friendly little game of  Rummy while having supper ar our local Taco Bell recently. We keep this deck of cards in the car glove compartment for times such as these — gives us a bit of together time with our economy meal : )


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My Hubby Loves Me

Hubby came home today with a special little something for me — just to tell me he loves me : )

He is really quite a nice guy — that Hubby of mine — he loves me and I love him!


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I Finally Dropped Some Toys

In January I mentioned that I had signed up for The Toy Society. I then started making some soft toys from socks, gloves and fabric. I am having so much fun and loving my little critters. They took over the love seat in the living room because I was having a hard time with the idea of parting with them and I really like seeing them all sitting together giving me warm fuzzies inside whenever I look at them.

This is not the greatest picture, but it gives you the idea of how these new friends of mine are starting to take over — even more have arrived since this picture was taken — I will show you their pictures later this week. Because I am enjoying making these critters so much I have decided to make some for a children’s home in the Philippines. A lady in my church goes each Fall and has told me that the children there would love my toys. So, I am planning to make at least 100 for her to take when she goes this year  — and  a few to sell to help cover the cost.

But now — back to the subject of this post — I finally parted with 3 of my toys and ‘dropped’ them at the mall yesterday. Hubby and I walked the full length of the mall scouting out just the right places to put the toys. For a Monday afternoon the mall was surprizingly busy which made our task more difficult — but, together we were up to the challenge.

We put our first toy by the candy dispensers — a sure place to be found.

The next one was at a table in the food court. We watched this one for awhile and saw a group of teenagers sit down and open the bag. There was a girl in the group so I am hoping that she took my little bear home with her.

The last one was left on a bench. Hubby sat down to rest a minute and covertly put the toy in place while I stood a little ways away with the camera zoomed in to take the picture. We enjoyed ourselves and will do it again probably next month — we have to have time to plan our mission stratagy you know : )


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Happy New Year !

At the grocery store today something caught my attention and told me that it wanted to go home with me. I ignored it at first and went on with my shopping — but, as I was leaving my resistence failed me and I bought it. I think that my low level of resistence may have something to do with reading Lucy’s post yesterday — seeing all of her pictures of flowers made me want some of my own color to look at up close.

I took a picture of how pretty my flower looked sitting in bright colored tissue paper and then of course I took a few more after I took it out of the box.

Later tonight hubby and I are going to light some candles and enjoy some fruit with chocolate dip — mmmm : )  I am not sure if we will stay up long enough to greet the new year, but that’s o.k. — it will be 2010 when we wake up in the morning whether we greet it at midnight or not. 

2009 was a very full year for me and seems to have passed very quickly. There were some big changes with my daughter moving to Illinois and my son and daughter-in-law having a baby — which means that I became a Gramma for the first time. I would have to say that the highlight of this past year is my grandson, so I will end this year with some pictures of baby cuteness.

Such tiny fingers compared to Grampa’s hand.

Snuggle time with Gramma — that’s me : )

Letting his voice be heard.

Some floor time while trying out new shirt from Aunty.

See you all next year ! ! !


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Hilarious Christmas Gifts

Hubby and I could not figure out what to buy each other for Christmas this year — we had decided to stop trying to surprise each other and instead would talk about it together and then would buy something that we would both enjoy. This plan worked last year, but this year, although we had a few ideas nothing was quite right. We were just going to wait until we thought of something even if that meant nothing under the tree for each other.

I just couldn’t do it — on Christmas Eve morning I started to feel this sad feeling that Christmas was not going to have any fun in it without a present for hubby and me — so I decided that hubby and me would go to the dollar store that afternoon and buy 10 things each to give to the other. I didn’t give hubby a choice — I just told him that we were doing it. He was very agreeable though. So — off we went to the mall on Christmas Eve afternoon to become some of those last minute shoppers. We took turns in the store, carefully choosing our gifts that we later wrapped and put under the tree to open on Christmas day.

We are past the stage of getting up early because it is Christmas and instead enjoy sleeping in. Then we have some coffee cake and eggs before we open gifts. Our daughter is home with us for the holidays and she did give us some more serious gifts — very nice gifts that we really appreciate and then we took turns opening our dollar store gifts. Here are some pictures to show you how much fun we had. My daughter took lots of pictures, but many of them turned out blurry because we were laughing so hard — so here is what I can show you.

A monster to build.

A monster look-a-like : )

What is it ? ? ?

One funny bird for me . . .

another funny bird for me.

Playing leap-frog together.

A little glimpse of how hard we were laughing.

We were very happy with our gift to each other this year — the gift of fun and laughter together — it will give me happy thoughts for a long time. And with the money we have left maybe we will go out some place nice for dinner together — sounds good to me : )


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